When we came out with the Expert at the Card Table brass clips last winter, the response was unprecedented. They were an instant sell-out and people have been asking us to make more.

I can’t say that I blame them: we really went all out on these clips. We started with a standard FlatSpine brass clip, then masked off the inside by hand so that we could apply a textured powder coat paint on the outside. This paint was chosen as it gave the feel of S.W. Erdnase’s original green cloth covered First Edition. Then we laser-engraved the graphics through the powder-coat on the front and spine of the book. We followed that up with another engraving of Joe’s signature on the inside, and just to see if we could do it, we serialized the first 50.

So now we had a clip that was absolutely gorgeous, and customers all around the world snatched them up instantly. Those that didn’t get one contacted us for more.

So we wondered where we could go from there. We could keep numbering them, but doing an unlimited run would make the numbers meaningless.  And that’s when it hit us: Let’s make each one unique. Let’s put each person’s name on their clip.

First we had to find out if it was possible. Well, we knew it was possible, but we wanted to know if it was crazy expensive or not. And yep, it was. BUT… if we could do them all at once, that would drive the price down as we could do one setup (which is where the bulk of the cost ALWAYS is) and run them through all at once.

So that’s what will happen. We’re doing it as a Kickstarter so we can get in all the orders at once so we can keep the prices down.

Also, we’re making it out of a slightly heavier brass, and making them slightly thicker to hold modern decks.

They will be gorgeous, they will feel good in your hands, and they will be completely unique to you.

The Kickstarter will be up and running Tuesday morning at 8am Pacific.

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