Porper Paddle Set


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This set includes five of Joe’s Paddles in a custom-made wallet from the same people who made his legendary cue cases. That company is gone now, but we found a box of various styles of the custom wallets.

We’re including  the 1234 Paddle, the Color Spot Paddle, the Bird Cage Paddle, the Red White and Blue color changing paddle, Joe’s Money Paddle with the surprise ending, and a custom wallet to hold all five! You’ll have a magic show that you can carry with you whenever you go, showing different routines to different people.

This is highly visible magic that happens before your spectators’ eyes:

  • The 1234 paddle starts off with one colored spot and goes all the way to four!
  • The Color Spot Paddle has three color changes!
  • The Bird Cage Paddle shows a bird, a cage, and then the bird magicially in the cage (or freed, if you’d like!)
  • The Red, White, and Blue Paddle changes a row of yellow dots one by one into red, white, and blue.

Because there are only 40 wallets, this is an EXTREMELY limited item, but we’re offering it at an exceptional price. You get $300 worth of precision, easy to use, astonishing magic for $225.


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