Porper Card Clip — Overprint Red Flat Spine


A misprint on a genuine Porper Card Clip means a bargain for you! Limited supply of overprinted stock.

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We goofed. We ran an order of clips through the marking laser that shouldn’t have been. Normally we wouldn’t let these out of the workshop, but times are weird right now for everyone, so we thought we’d sell them at a discount for those of you who’d want an extra clip.

Note that these are exactly the same Porper Card Clips that we sell on other sections of the site, but they’re not quite perfect. If you look at the inside spine from the right angle, you can tell that there’s something else there beneath the engraving of Joe’s signature. Besides that, they’re great!

So we’re offering this limited run for 25% off, and it includes free shipping in the US.


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