Porper Card Clip, Expert at the Card Table – Standard Edition


This is the Standard Edition of the Expert at the Card Table Card Clip. It’s a brass clip with a tough textured powder-coat coating, and laser-engraved with the graphics of the Bible of Card Workers.

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The Expert at the Card Table — the book is legendary from its mysterious origins to its veneration by Dai Vernon as one of the great books on card manipulation. Since 1902, The Expert at the Card Table has been a favorite with magicians and gamblers as a valuable resource that gives it’s student a great advantage when working with cards.

In honor of this great book, we’ve made a brass card clip with a textured emerald powder-coating that gives this clip the feel of the First Edition, and laser engraved the title on the front and spine. We finish it off with Joe Porper’s signature on the inside — the signature of the inventor of the card clip. This clip is made to hold the thicker modern decks, so you won’t have to remove any cards to fit it in here. It has a heft that you will appreciate, and keep your cards in top shape — for whatever purpose you use your cards.


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