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Billy McComb said, “This is the way the Himber Ring should have been made in the first place.”
Borrow three finger rings and link them with ease. The new Ghostly Linking Finger Ring, created by Joe Porper and Pete Biro, makes the trick almost self-working. And the Koran Pencil, included, allows you to unlink the last two rings automatically without any sleight-of-hand.

It packs small, but plays big:

You’ll find Bill Palmer’s review here on The Magic Cafe.


1 review for Ghostly Linking Finger Rings

  1. Scott Jenkins

    This review is by Bill Palmer, as published on The Magic Cafe, and reposted here with his permission:
    I promised a complete, unbiased report on the Porper/Biro Ghostly Linking Finger Rings, and this is it.

    I got the first set that Joe Steves sent out.

    Here’s what you get:

    1 Ghostly Linking Finger Ring
    1 Matching Ungimmicked Ring
    1 Special Pencil to do some nifty things with
    1 Case that holds all of it
    1 Set of instructions — profusely illustrated, with photos.

    Let’s start with the instructions. If you buy this ring, be sure you read the instructions first. If you don’t, you won’t understand what is happening with the ring. There are photographs that cover every aspect of the basic routine, including the open unlinking of two totally ungaffed, borrowed finger rings. The special pencil does this for you. It’s a real dandy. This, itself, is one of the things that makes this an expensive prop. But it’s crucial to the “sell” of the routine. This item is based on a thing that Al Koran developed and used.

    Now, for the rings, themselves. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have owned many different versions of the Linking Finger Rings, including one that hasn’t really been marketed yet. Of all the marketed rings, I firmly believe this set is the best and most practical.

    The cheap linking finger rings you have seen on most web sites are not very good. They certainly are not the equivalent of the genuine Himber/Diaconis/Schneider rings. I have owned one of each of the H/D/S rings, so I am speaking from experience here. These new rings beat them all to pieces.

    I also own some other rings that you may have seen advertised. I’m not going to comment on their quality. They work, but in the case of one of them, there is an immanent danger that it could pop apart if roughly handled by an audience member. I don’t think this will happen with the new Porper/Biro rings.

    Now, let’s get down to the heart of the matter. First, the quality. These are excellent, well-made rings.

    Second, the handling. The new design makes them much easier to handle than the old H/D/S rings. The gaffus opens wide enough to do the job. The borrowed rings will go where they need to go, and then the gaffus snaps back into place and locks. Operation is totally one-handed.

    They will take a bit of getting used to. Any new prop does. And the special pencil will take some practice to work correctly. Just do it.

    And get the video that Pete recommends in the instructions. You really need it to understand what to do with the rings.

    No, they aren’t gold. They are gold-plated brass. HEAVY gold-plated brass.

    But I feel that they are worth the price. They look pretty much like a regular wedding band, so you should have no trouble finding what you need in any audience to do the routine.

    I don’t want to get any more specific than this. I don’t want to give away the store.

    But I’ll say what I said before, this time from a position of solid information. If you are a working pro, this is a great addition to your act. It is definitely worth the money. If not, leave it alone, unless you are a collector. There simply won’t be enough of these to go around, otherwise.

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