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Years ago, Joe made the Ghostly Linking Finger Rings a little smaller than the AmazeRings, so as to easily tell them apart. Later, he came up with the idea to have them match the AmazeRings, so that the Jardine Shell could be used with both of them. We made them bigger, but kept the price the same.

And then we found that there was still some of the old stock left. Three sets to be exact. Since they’re not interchangeable with the other rings of the line, we’re selling them for a little bit less. But make no mistake: these are the same high quality rings that you’ve come to expect from us.

Like I said: there are only three sets, so act fast!

Billy McComb said, “This is the way the Himber Ring should have been made in the first place.”
Borrow three finger rings and link them with ease. The new Ghostly Linking Finger Ring, created by Joe Porper and Pete Biro, makes the trick almost self-working. And the Koran Pencil, included, allows you to unlink the last two rings automatically without any sleight-of-hand.

It packs small, but plays big:

You’ll find Bill Palmer’s review here on The Magic Cafe.



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