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Anyone who works close-up with coins knows the value of a coin rattle. Many have been made, but it took Joe Porper and R. Paul Wilson to come together to make this one. Worn under the sleeve, it has the simple “on-off” action that allows you to shake your hand then “hear” the coins when you want them to.
When combined with the Porper Coin Clip, this can create very effective magic.

1 review for Coin Rattle

  1. A. Gutierrez

    I have seen a few other versions of the coin rattle. They were okay to not so great. Joe’s coin rattle has an excellent and easy on and off control that puts all other versions to shame. If you really want the best coin rattle ever, you can’t go wrong with Joe’s. Also, the band that goes around the arm is wider than other versions, which makes for a much more secure placement on your arm. Joe has an excellent coin rattle, so if you “do coins”, do yourself a favor and get Joe’s coin rattle.

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