About Joe

Joe Porper is best known as a manufacturer of Billiard supplies and created 12 patents for various related products.

Joe started manufacturing magic items over 40 years ago after he took his daughter to Hollywood Magic and saw a demonstration of a paddle trick. When Joe asked to see it afterwards, he was told “not unless he bought the trick.”

Joe bought it, went home and built his own version with a kicker. He took it back to Hollywood Magic and showed it  to the owner, Louis St. Pierre. At the end of the trick, Louis asked if he could see the trick. Joe said “sure” and handed it over.

Louis couldn’t figure it out, and immediately ordered a dozen.

Since then, Joe Porper has been at the forefront of high-quality, handcrafted magic items. His card clips are legendary — unlike the competitors’,  you can literally drive a car over them.

His work has been imitated, but never copied. When you buy a Porper Magic Original, you can be sure of getting a quality piece of craftsmanship, made in California to the highest standard: Joe’s.

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