Standard Edition -- Expert at the Card Table

This is the Standard Edition of the Expert at the Card Table Card Clip. It’s a brass clip with a tough textured powder-coat coating, and laser-engraved with the graphics of the Bible of Card Workers.

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Porper Linking 3-Ring Set

A new generation of linking rings is here! Hand turned under Joe’s supervision to his exacting standards, we debuted these rings at the Magic Castle Swap Meet where they were an instant hit.

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Porper Shiners

We wanted to see what our Aircraft Aluminum Alloy clip would look like if we polished it to a mirror finish. It looks stunning! Get a clip that makes a definite statement, that you’re here and ready to amaze.


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Steranko and Illusion.Works is happy to announce our collaboration with Steranko on a series of magic-based products.

Press Release and Details

Porper Poster Clips

These are the genuine, legendary Joe Porper Card Clips that we’ve made since the 70s, and the first with the new printing process. Strong, beautiful, and ready for a lifetime of magic.

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Color Changing Chips

Warehouse find! A classic effect from Joe and Paul, perfect for everyday carry and it packs a punch.
We’ve got 10 sets in stock!
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