We're Back!

Sorry we’ve been away for so long — we’ve been dealing with a lot on the personal front — but we’re back!

And we’ve got a lot of new and exciting things coming up very soon — first up: a new line of Wands! Each one is made by hand, and if they’re anything like our rings, they’ll sell as fast as we can make them! So be sure to sign up for our newsletter and/or our Facebook page: I’ll be uploading pictures of them as quickly as they’re ready.

Thanks for sticking with us. It’s gonna be worth it.

Joe and Scott

Basic Black is Back!

Made with industrial strength aircraft aluminum alloy that has been Black anodized to military specs, these clips are ready to protect your most versatile props — your cards.

They are designed to keep an even amount of pressure across your cards, and show-ready under the harshest conditions.

Be ready for magic – carry your cards in a Porper clip.

Sixteen Inch Linking Ring Set

We’ve listened to you and created a set that’s perfect for your 4-ring routine! This is the set used and recommended by Pop Haydn himself, and each set comes with the DVD of his legendary 4-Ring routine!

The Jardine Ellis Wedding Ring v2.0


Something Old is Something NEW! The Jardine Ellis Ring dates back almost a hundred years, but it took Joe Porper to make a version that was good for Everyday Carry. And now, this new version is set to be interchangeable with the AmazeRing and the Ghostly Linking Finger Ring. Your audience will gasp as this ring melts through ropes, wands, or whatever you can imagine before their very eyes.

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