Holiday Sale!



We’re not gonna force you to make the tough Black Friday “What do I buy?” decisions — we’re going to have some of our best items on sale through December 25!
Look for the Sale banner on the product page, and keep coming back! We’ll have more stuff on sale as the days go on!


Sixteen Inch Linking Ring Set


We’ve listened to you and created a set that’s perfect for your 4-ring routine! And since this is the first batch EVER, we’re letting you do a pre-order so you can have them the minute they’re available. Order now at the pre-release price of $450, and you can have your set from the first 20 that will ship on December 15th!


The Jardine Ellis Wedding Ring v2.0


Something Old is Something NEW! The Jardine Ellis Ring dates back almost a hundred years, but it took Joe Porper to make a version that was good for Everyday Carry. And now, this new version is set to be interchangeable with the AmazeRing and the Ghostly Linking Finger Ring. Your audience will gasp as this ring melts through ropes, wands, or whatever you can imagine before their very eyes.

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